Place your safety in the first place with an active-light vest using revolutionary technology that increases your visibility and makes you shine.


Declare an end to dangerous work! Ensure maximum safety for your employees wherever they work.


EquiRay Ultralight active lighting safety vest can be used for training any sport - running, cycling, winter sports!

Why do we do this?

Hi, we are Michal and Jakub. We are friends from high school who decided to open a business to increase safety on the roads.

So, we came with an active lighting vest EquiRay and our mission:

✨To get everyone safe home!✨


  • Visibility up to 3 km

    With our products, you will be able to see up to several km for up to 15 hours.

  • 14 days return policy

    Try it and if you don't like our products, you can return them without giving a reason.

  • Fast delivery

    We ship for 10 EUR within EU and 15 EUR outside EU.

  • Made in EU.

    Our products and SUNFIBRE technology are manufactured in the Czech Republic.


Customer reviews

The EquiRay Ultralight vest is a great companion for night runs.

Jana Poštová - spokeswoman for the rescue service

I like this! Super light, nothing weighs you down anywhere. It's really good. I enjoy it!

Martin Souček - Cyclist and member of the team

You wouldn't be able to run without proper lighting! 🏃🏽‍♀️ As a driver and runner in one, I know how unpleasant an UNLIGHTED person is on the road.

Andrea Kaštánkova

Be seen!

Pepa Juha - Floorballist

Now I'm like a firefly 🧚‍♂️

Markéta Davidová - biathlete and world champion

You can simply be seen with a vest. And being able to see in the dark, long before a car can illuminate you, is priceless to me.

Jana B.

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