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EquiRay Heavy Duty

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Color – High visibility Yellow
Power bank

EquiRay Heavy Duty is a work vest for professionals and workers.

 It uses lighting technology that ensures visibility up to 3 km away. The vest has reflective elements, does not violate norms and is fully washable and durable.

 EquiRay products use only proven SUNFIBRE wearable lighting technology.

Product Information
  • Work safety vest EquiRay Heavy Duty increases the safety of workers and professionals at workplaces in low light conditions.
  • It lights up 3 km away even in the most unfavorable conditions such as snow, rain and fog.
  • It has 2 lighting intensities and warning flashing mode. Individual lighting modes are switched by a button on the vest.
  • Passive reflective elements are guided over the entire surface on the vest. 
  • The vest is NOT violating any norms e.g. ISO 20471:2013 standards.
  • The EquiRay Heavy Duty Work Vest is made of durable and light materials, to handle even the most demanding treatment.
  • It can be powered by any power banks via USB. We recommend purchasing a SUNFIBRE power bank, which will ensure you lighting up to 15 hours.
  • Vest is fully washable (without battery) and resistant against rain.
Technical specifications

Specifications of the SUNFIBRE power bank

  • Up to 15 hours of continuous operation
  • Li-Pol 4 000 mAh
  • Voltage 5 V
  • Micro USB charging connector
  • Average charging time (80%): 30 minutes
  • CE, RoHS, TUV


Sustainable technology

The technology is RoHS and OEKO-TEXStandard 100 compliant at all stages, ensuring safe and healthy products.

Find out more about the technology here.


Shipping is free of charge within the Czech Republic.

Internetional shipping fee is 10 EUR within EU and 15 EUR to the rest of Europe.

We will send the goods to you the day after ordering, and most customers in the Czechia will receive them within 2-3 working days.

International customers will receive it within 1-2 weeks.

    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    EquiRay Heavy Duty
    • Visibility up to 3 km for 15 hours

      SUNFIBRE technology gives you visibility up to 3 km in clear sky environment.

      In the case of heavy rain and snow, you will be able to see up to several hundred meters.

    • Does not violate existing standards

      It is a clothing accessory and does not compromise the safety standards of your existing vests.

    • Machine washable

      On EquiRay Heavy Duty we used highly durable and washable materials.

      If it gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine. Just take out the power bank.

    Sunfibre technology scheme


    SUNFIBRE technology consists of a multi-layer optical cable braided with a textile layer (A). Throught the optical cable is a light guided in spirals and forms an aura of light around itself that is visible from 360°. In addition, thanks to the special elastic layer, it is fully bendable, durable and washable (without a power bank). ​

    The button (B) allows you to switch on and change the lighting modes.

    The system is powered by a textile cable with UBS A (C) and a power bank (D).


    Customers who use EquiRay Heavy Duty


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